What's a "good enough" photo for your order?

-  Photo must be taken close up and must be sharpened

-  Group photos are not good. It is better to record each person separately, if needed with more photos

-  You need at least one quality photo of the head in the position you want to be on a doll

-  They must be big enough: for a doll 50x50 cm the optimal size of photos is 4000x2000 px, while for the doll 30x30 cm the optimum size of the photo is 2600x1300 px

-  You need to take a photo in the position you want it to be a doll

-  Photos taken with a quality mobile phone should be of satisfactory quality

-  The photos you send us must be in JPG format, and it would be good if they were more in the ZIP file

-  The best position is as in Example 1 where the arms and legs are spaced and clearly visible

If you have any question please contact us by e-mail: or via Etsy

Example photos 1

Example photos 1

Example photos 1